AARINENA Objectives

AARINENA has the following objectives:

  1.  Foster the development of agricultural research in the Near East and North Africa Region.
  2.  Promote the exchange of agricultural scientific and technical experience and information.
  3.  Strengthen national agricultural research capacities for providing timely and necessary data and information to policy-makers.
  4.  Encourage the establishment of appropriate cooperative research and training programmes in accordance with identified regional, bilateral or national needs and priorities.
  5.  Advise members on issues pertinent to research organization and management.
  6.  Strengthen cross-linkages between national, regional and international research centres and organizations, including universities, through involvement in jointly planned research and training programs.
  7.  Assist in the mobilization of financial and
  8. other forms of support to all efforts aiming at strengthening agricultural research and technology development in the Region.