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Executive Committee of AARINENA

The Executive Committee shall consist of five members, including the President and Vice-President, elected at each biennial session of the Conference from amongst representatives of the full members on the basis of their administrative positions as delegated representing the five sub-regions. No sub-region will have more than one representative in the Executive Committee. All officers elected to the Executive Committee shall take office at the end of the Conference session in which they are elected until the end of the next biennial session; they shall not be eligible for immediate re-election of the same office for more than two terms.

The Executive Committee shall manage the affairs of the Association in accordance with this Constitution and the policies and directives adopted by the General Conference. It shall prepare the budget estimates of the Association for the consideration and approval of the Conference. The Executive Committee shall report to the Conference on the implementation of the approved programme of work and the progress made in fulfilling the objectives of the Association.

Nomination for office in the Executive Committee of the Association shall be made in writing, duly seconded, and submitted to the Nomination Officer at least twelve hours before the Conference session earmarked for the election of officers.

A Nomination Officer shall be elected by the Conference at the beginning of the Session. He shall receive nominations for office in the Executive Committee and report to the Conference on the nominations received at the beginning of the meeting earmarked for election.

Voting to elect members of the Executive Committee of the Association shall be by secret ballot. The Chairman of the Meeting shall appoint from among the delegates, two tellers who will supervise the balloting procedure, count the ballot papers, decide on the validity of these papers in any case of doubt, and certify the result of each ballot.

If anyone of the offices of President or Vice-President becomes vacant for any reason, the remaining members of the Executive Committee shall select one of their own members to fill the vacancy. A position of ordinary member of the Executive Committee which falls vacant shall be filled by the unsuccessful candidate who had the highest number of votes in the election of the Executive Committee members at the preceding Conference Session. Persons who become members of the Executive Committee under this provision will remain in office until the next Session of the Conference.

The Executive Committee shall meet at least once every year and shall be called by the Executive Secretary at the direction of the President.


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