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Executive Secretary of AARINENA

Dr. Mohammad Mahmoud Ajlouni,Present AARINENA Executive Secretary


The Executive Secretary of the Association shall be appointed by the Executive Committee from among the technical staff of the institution hosting the seat of the Association for a period of four years renewable once, and according to the rules and conditions and terms of employment set by the Conference.

Under the overall supervision of the President, the Executive Secretary shall take all necessary actions to implement the decisions of the Conference and the Executive Committee and to manage and run the day-to-day functions of the Association. The Executive Secretary shall specifically have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Organize the General Conference and Executive Committee sessions, prepare the minutes and arrange for the publication, distribution and preservation of the reports and proceedings of all meetings of the Association.

  • Organize conferences, workshops, training programmes and any other meeting upon the request of the Executive Committee.

  • Prepare the Association's Programme of Work and Budget, propose joint work programmes with other regional and international organizations and ensure coordination of all activities among the Members of the Association.

  • Manage the financial affairs of the Association and, in particular, collect annual subscriptions and receive any other financial contributions to the Association, account for all monies received, make payments in accordance with policies established by the General Conference and the Executive Committee and submit audited accounts to the biennial General Conference.

  • Organize the issue of the Association's Newsletter and provide documentation services to facilitate easy access to necessary information on agricultural research in all sub-regions.

  • Undertake any other duties entrusted to him by the Executive Committee.

In carrying out the above duties and responsibilities, the Executive Secretary shall be assisted by full/part-time staff as may be required.


Previous AARINENA Executive Secretary




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