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The Maghreb sub-region that is covered by the sub-Regional Grouping of AARINENA is constituted by 6 countries. These countries roughly cover 6 million sq. km. and have a total population of 76 million. Average per capita GNP for the region is estimated at US$3000.

Maghreb sub-regional grouping was established to provide AARINENA, the Regional Organisation, with a sub-regional contact point, a liaison officer. More spefically, the liaison officer has the following functions: a) assist the sub-regional grouping in deciding on its modus operandi and the way it organises its work and how it relates to other political and technical groupings in the sub-region, b) serve as a contact point with the other AARINENA sub-regional groups, as well as with the CGIAR centres, donor agencies and relevant organizations, c) act as a clearinghouse for regional and sub-regional projects and follow-up of their implementation, and d) represent the sub-region in the Executive Committee of AARINENA

Maghreb Liaison Officer

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