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Inter-Regional Cotton Network 

New INCANA Secretary

The inter-regional network for research collaboration on sustainable cotton production in Asia and North Africa was established in October 2002 at AREO in Iran to strengthen cooperation among regional and international cotton research institutes, to support cotton research, exchange of information experiences and research results.

 Since cotton is a way of life in developing countries therefore it was necessary to make cotton base technologies network in mentioned regions. The mission of INCANA is to established regional collaboration for improving cotton production technology in Asia and North Africa through research, workshops and training programs. The network partners include: APAARI, AARINENA, ICARDA, CAC, GFAR and AREO.

Since its establishment the network has: a) contacted NARSs and ARIs for the exchange of germplasm and information among them b) established data base on AARINENA Website, c) planned data bases for research institutes, research programs for NARSs in the APAARI/ AARINENA /CAC regions, and d) planned for an electronic and regular newsletter on cotton.

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