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Olive  Network

AARINENA has organized an expert consultation meeting at the Olive tree Institute at Sfax-Tunisia during the period of 16-18 of February, 2004. The meeting was supported by GFAR, FAO and ICARDA. The meeting approved the establishment of regional cooperative Network for Olive to be hosted by the Olive Tree Institute at Sfax and recommended strengthen Interregional cooperation by establishing  linkages to The European System of Cooperative Research Networks in Agriculture (ESCORNEA)

The meeting formed three olive technical working groups as follows:

(1)Olive production and Protection group to be hosted by Egypt.

(2)Post-harvest processing technologies to be hosted by Jordan.

(3)Socio-economic and commercialization group to be hosted by Morocco.

                   The focal points will be selected from NGOs, Private sector, research institutions and universities that will constitute the coordinating board of the network will meet to elect the chairman of the board to approve the work plan for the network.

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