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General Conference of AARINENA

There shall be a General Conference of the Association, hereinafter referred to as the Conference, in which each Full Member and Associate Member shall be represented by one delegate. Associate Members shall have the right to participate in the deliberations of the Conference but shall not hold office or have right to vote.

The Conference shall be the supreme governing body of the Association. In fulfillment of its objectives, the Conference shall determine the policy of the Association, approve the Programme of Work and Budget prepared by the Executive Committee, supervise implementation and review progress, and shall exercise other powers conferred upon it by the Constitution.

The Conference shall meet once every two years in regular session, at a place to be decided upon at the previous regular session. The dates of these meetings shall be determined by the Executive Committee and Communicated to all member institutions and associate institutions at least three months in advance.

The agenda for the biennial Conference shall be prepared by the Executive Committee and shall be despatched to all member institutions, and to such observers as the Executive Committee shall decide to invite, not less than ninety days before the scheduled dates for the sessions.

The General Conference shall elect, in the conditions mentioned in Article IX, paragraph 1, the five members of the Executive Committee. It will also elect, among the members of the Executive Committee, a President and a Vice-President who shall act, at the same time, as President and Vice-President of the General Conference and of the Executive Committee. The term of office of the President and Vice-President will be of two years. They will not be eligible for immediate re-election of the same office. The presidency and vice-presidency shall rotate in accordance with the alphabetical order of the names of the sub-regions.

The Conference may meet in special session:

  1. if at any regular session the Conference decides, by a majority of the votes cast, to meet in the following year; or

  2. if two-thirds of the Full Members so request the President. Such meetings shall require a minimum notice of sixty days and the agenda shall consist exclusively of those items listed in the request for such a meeting.

Each Full Member shall have one vote at all sessions. All decisions shall be taken by simple majority vote, except for those decisions relating to amendments to the Constitution, and those related to the dissolution of the Association. In the case of equality of votes, the President shall have a casting vote.

The local operational costs of the Conference Sessions shall normally be borne by the host member institution unless decided otherwise by the Conference or the Executive Committee.

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