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1. There shall be two types of members:

(a) Full Members.

(b) Associate Members.

2. Full membership shall be open to the following institutions in the territories of the Region :

(a) National agricultural research institutions, councils and organizations.

(b) Agricultural universities and colleges and similar institutions of higher agricultural education.

3. Associate Membership shall be open to :

(a) Regional and international agricultural research institutions and organizations operating in the Region.

(b) Basic research centres operating inside or outside the Region and furthering the objectives of the Association.

(c) Agricultural research oriented private sector institutions and non governmental organizations and natural resources management institutions.

(d) Other organizations or bodies as may be decided by the General Conference of the Association.

4. Full or Associate Membership in the Association shall be acquired by submitting an application form to the Executive Secretary of the Association. Admission to membership shall be effective upon approval by the Executive Committee.

5. Full Members shall have the right to vote at the meetings of the Association bodies. Associate Members shall have the right to participate in the meetings of the Association bodies, but shall not hold office nor have the right to vote.

6. Any Member institution desiring to withdraw from the Association shall notify the Executive Secretary in writing, and such withdrawal shall take effect three months from the date of the receipt by the Executive Secretary of the notice.

7. Membership shall be suspended automatically in the event of failure to settle the annual subscription for two consecutive years. All membership rights will be regained automatically upon payment of the total outstanding amount of the subscription.

8.Annual Membership fees as decided in the 9th General Conference to be :
A)$3000 for full members of National Agricultural Reserach insitutions and Universities

B)$5000 for Regional and International Organozations.
C)$2000 for Associate Members


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