AARINENA has five main goals:

  1. Establish AARINENA as a global knowledge platform to facilitate, mobilize and coordinate multilateral exchange and dissemination of actionable specific and transversal knowledge among stakeholders at south-south and south-north levels.
  2. Support and enhance multi-stakeholder partnerships over collective dialogues and actions, aiming at collectively building up open systems of agricultural research and innovation that are more effective in finding innovative and applicable solutions.
  3. Facilitate and coordinate education and capacity strengthening of various partners to enable them to communicate and interact effectively within agricultural research and innovation open systems. This will include promoting the transformation of higher education and research, and reforming research and innovation organizations and their governances in alignment with the goal of developing efficient open systems and in accordance with agreed upon AARINENA mission and goals.
  4. Contribute to advancing rural women, youth and small holder farmers along the agricultural value chains through promoting collective actions among open agricultural R&I systems that prepare these targeted populations for employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in order to improve their income, enable them to impact relevant policies, and make rural areas attractive to them.
  5. Strengthen the architecture of AARINENA to enable the fora to perform and realize its reviewed mission, goals and expected outcomes and impact.