Partnership agreement between AARINENA & CARDNE

Partnership agreement signed between AARINENA and the Regional Centre on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development for the Near East (CARDNE) on 1/05/2019 to achieve the mutual goals of both partners. According to the agreement, the signing partners will work together to achieve fruitful and constructive cooperation in the common areas of research, training and any topics to be agreed upon. Both parties shall abide by the following cooperation commitments.   The parties agree to (1) Strengthen cooperation in the fields of research and training whereby each party shall invite the other party to participate in training programs of common interest. (2) Provide studies and proposals for joint projects in the areas of community development, agrarian reform and rural development at the national and regional levels, with joint efforts to attract external funding from various international, regional and national sources. (3) Cooperate on the use of the various devices and tools available to the parties to implement and facilitate joint work. (4) Provide technical and economic advisory services and technical support in matters of mutual interest, promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences, and promoting cooperative activities. (5) Organize and hold seminars and workshops of com (6) Attach great importance to the media about the activities of the joint activities of the various media, the main media, the radio and the means of social communication of interest.

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