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Conferences, Meetings & Workshops

7th General Conference of AARINENA

8th General Conference of AARINENA

9th General Conference of AARINENA

10th General Conference of AARINENA

11th General Conference of AARINENA

AARINENA Medicinal & Herbal Plants Network Expert Consultation Meeting,30 September, 2004,Cairo, Egypt

AARINENA-RAIS Focal Units Workshop,8-10 January, 2008 ,Muscat- Oman

Consultation meeting to develop a common approach to agricultural reseach cooperation in the Mediterranean Basin, Rome, February 27, 2001

FAO/GFAR Global Initiative on Postharvest Technology: Phase 1.: Report on the Regional Workshop for West Asia North Africa(WANA)

Fresh Food Quality Standards:" Better Food by Quality & Assurance" Amman -Jordan ,May 7-11, 2006


ICT Expert Consultation Meeting to Strenghten RAIS in WANA Region, 25-27 Feb.,2003, Cairo,Egypt


International Conference on Medicinal and Herbal Plants,Cairo-Egypt , 28-30 ,September, 2004


International Symposium on Pistachios and Almonds,22-25 May, 2005 ,Tehran ,IRAN


11th International Conference and Exhibition on  "Marketing Strategies for Food &Medicinal Herbs, Spices and Essential Oils, Cairo, 28-30 Sept.2004

5th International Symposium on Olive Growing,27 September-2 October 2004, Izmir/Turkey

2nd Inter-regional Workshop "Moving forward within the ICM4ARD Framework"
Cairo, May 10-11 2005

5th International Conference of Asian Society of Agricultural Economists (ASAE),29 - 30 August 2005,Zahedan, Iran


Memorandum of the focal point & work group of MHP Network

Regional Workshop on Information systems for Agricultural Research for development ,Cairo, Egypt, 27-30 May, 2007

Regional Workshop on Institutional Needs Assessment for Agricultural Research,Technology Development and Extension in the Near East


Second AARINENA  ICT Steering Committee Meeting,8-9 September 2004,AREO-Iran

Second Inter- Regional Workshop on Cotton Research, 6-8 September 2004, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Summary of 1st meeting of MHP Network

Final Report on: Workshop on Good Agricultural Practices For AARENINA Olive Network Member Countries,19-21 December 2005, Larnaca, Cyprus



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