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   General Documents             

AARINENA Progress Report2006-2008


AARINENA Activitiy Report 2002-2004


AARINENA Progress Report 2006-2007


AARINENA Agricultural Biotechnology Network Proposal 



AARINENA Global Post-harvest Initiative: Linking Smallholder Farmers to Markets,AlAin-Abu-Dhabi, 22-23 February 2006

AARINENA participation in the IFAPís 36th World Farmersí Congress Washington DC,
29th May-4th of June 2004: A Brrief Report

AARINENA Towards 2000 and Beyond: A Strategy for the Future


AARINENA in 2000 and Beyond: A Framework for Action(2000-200)

AARINENA Expert Consultation Meeting on Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Network ,ICARDA 26-27 November 2006

Agricultural Research for Sustainable Development: AARINENA VISION 2025


Consultation meeting to develop a common approach to agricultural research cooperation in the Mediterranean Basin ,Rome, February 27, 2001

Cooperation between AARINENA and EFARD Project Profiles

GFAR/00/23: West Asia & North Africa(WAN) Regional Forum

Improving rural live-hoods through linking small holder farmers to new growth markets in WANA region.

The Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Industry: The Link between Producer and European Consumer

Operationalization of the AARINENA Framework for Action - Report of theWorking Group

Regional Collaboration for Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Plant Genetic Resource in West Asia and North Africa:A Case for a Regional Sustainable Network  

Regional Network for Medicinal & Herbal plants in the Near East and North Africa

Strengthening Farmers' Linkages & Regional Cooperation in the Southern Mediterranean Basin

Technical Report: AARINENA Planning Meeting ,Global Post Harvest: Linking Farmers to Markets      Antalya, Turkey / 24 - 25 March 2005.

Toward a Regional Strategy for the Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources in West Asia & North Africa(WANA)



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