9th General Conference of AARINENA


April 11-13 2004



Meeting Minutes of the Newly Elected

AARINENA Executive Committee

Muscat – Oman  13-04-2004




Dr. A. Fardous


Dr. A. Al Bakri,

Vice President

Dr. H. Narjisse


Dr. I. Muharram


Dr. M. Roozitalab


Dr. I. Hamdan

Interim Executive Secretary


The meeting was chaired by Dr. A. Fardous, President of AARINENA and discussed the items listed in the agenda concerned with AARINENA accounts, the Secretariat Seat, the Executive Secretary, Budget allocations for the work plan and membership fees:


The committee took the following decisions and recommendations:


1) AARINENA’s Account:

Upon the request of FAO/RNE to handover the Trust Fund to AARINENA Secretariat in which the 9th General Conference empowered the Executive Committee to take a decision on this issue. The committee approved the transfer of AARINENA account from the FAO/RNE to AARINENA Secretariat account in Jordan, with the option of transferring the account to ICARDA.   And recommended forwarding a letter of appreciation to FAO/RNE for their valuable efforts in operating the account in the past period.



Regarding the issue of AARINENA permanent seat, the committee recommended requesting bids from AARINENA member countries to host the permanent secretariat of AARINENA.  The committee will review these bids and choose the best offer to host the permanent secretariat of AARINENA.  The committee will present its recommendation to the 10th General Conference for adoption and approval 90 days before the meeting of the conference to be held in Yemen in April, 2006.


3) Executive Secretary:

The committee recommended to advertise through email to all member countries institutions as well as through AARINENA website, GFAR website and ICARDA Website and bulletin requesting nominees for the position of AARINENA Executive Secretary.    The advertisement should include the terms of reference of the qualifications, duties and remuneration of the post.  The committee will review the list of candidates through mail and select the best candidate for the post.


4) Budget Allocation:

 The committee recommended to allocate the available budget to following activities in the next two years:


                Executive Secretary:

                                      US $ 24,000-

                Secretariat Operational expenses

                               US $ 6,000-

                Medicinal Plant Network

US $ 10,000-

                Cotton Network

US $ 5,000-

                Olive Network

 US$ 10,000-


US $ 3000-

                RAIS-Steering Committee

US $ 6000-

                4 NewsLetters

US $ 6000-

                (2) Executive Committee Meetings

US $ 20,000-

                10th  General Conference

US $ 35,000-


US $125,000



       The committee recommended to prepare project proposals to be presented with detailed budgets to the Islamic Development Bank and Arab Fund accompanied with supporting letters from focal point of country representative in both organizations.  These proposals will include the medicinal plant network, olive network, cotton network, and RAIS two priority projects.


5) Membership Fees

The committee recommended to increase membership fees of the association in 2005 to US $ 3000 for full members, US$ 2000- for Associated Members and US$ 5000- for Regional and International Organizations.


The next executive committee will be held in Morocco by the end of the year 2004.