President             Dr. Ahmed Al Bakri            (Oman)

Vice President      Dr. Ayman Abu-Hadid        (Egypt)

Members             Dr. Mohammad Roozitalab   (Iran)

                        Dr. M. Walid Tawil              (Syria)

                        Dr. Yousif Al-Shayji           (Kuwait)

                        Dr. Mahmoud Solh             (CGIAR)

                        Dr. mark Holderness          (GFAR)


Executive           Dr. Ibrahim Hamdan           (Jordan)




I. Hamdan              R. Badwan               H. Hamati



·     AARINENA in Action

- The FAO International Technical Conference on Agricultural Biotechnologies, Mexico

- Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD) 2010, Montpellier, France

- Bioversity Week in Rome, Italy

- Advanced Workshop on Regional Capacity Building for GMOs Detection and Bio-safety for Food and Agriculture, Syria

·     At a Glance

-Dr. Monty Jones Awarded the Niigata International Food Award

-    Prof. Dr. Ayman Abu-Hadid Granted  the State Award in Agricultural Science for year 2010

- Dr. Yousif Al-Shayji Granted the State Award from Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science for the year 2009

-AARINENA Participation in the CGIAR’s Mega Programs (MPs)

-Khalifa International Date Palm Award Secretariat General Invites to Participate in Date Palm Sector and Industry Publications

·  Announcements

- One Billion Hungry Campaigns

- Call for Proposals from the ITPGR for Food and Agriculture

·     New Publications

- Olive GAP Manual, Good Agricultural Practices for NENA Countries 2010

- IFPRI Food Policy Report on Halving Hunger

- FAO Biotechnology News and Publications

·   AARINENA Retreat for Post GCARD Follow up for WANA Region, 22-24 November 2010, ICARDA-Syria

·   Forthcoming Events