AARINENA Expert Consultation Meeting on Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Network
ICARDA 26-27 November 2006

AARINENA in collaboration with ICARDA and GFAR held at ICARDA Aleppo-Syria 26-27th November, 2006 an expert consultation meeting for establishment of WUE network .
Water use efficiency experts participated in the meeting from Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Yemen, ICARDA and FAO. The participants presented their country profiles and reviewed the proposal for establishing a WUE Network in the WANA region. The participants adopted the proposal for the establishment of the network with the following composition:

The venue and the secretariat of the Network will be at INRA Morocco
Elected Dr. Ayman Abu-Hadid from Egypt as the chairman of the board of the network
Identified the following countries to host the technical working groups:
Management and conservation of rainwater in rain fed agriculture(Yemen)
Sustainable management of water in irrigated agriculture (Iran)
Decision making and water management tools{modeling and GIS}(Egypt)
Institutional, policy and socio-economy analysis and evaluation of water in irrigated agriculture (Syria)

The participants recommended as a priority activity for the network to be implemented in 2007 the formulation of an ATLAS That will serve to compile data. These data need to be standardized. For that, participating countries need to use the same definitions & terms for common observations and indicators used in WUE.

Dr. Hamdan Requested Dr. Al- Ghariani and Dr. Abu-Hadid to prepare terms of reference to the above proposal to make it more clear for implementation.