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Steering Committee

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Steering Committee of the RAIS

AARINENA RAIS Steering Committee was established upon the recommendation of the participants of AARINENA ICT Expert Consultation held in February 2003 at Cairo, Egypt that was supported by GFAR & FAO with the aim to strengthen Regional Agricultural Information System in the region. The steering committee members composed of representatives of the five sub regions and representatives of AOAD, FAO, GFAR, and ICARDA.

The members of the committee will be elected from ICT representatives of the member institutions every three years. A general assembly of ICT representative will be held every three years to review and discuss an achievement report of the committee in the passed three years and elect new members and a chair.

The committee will meet every year and if there is a need for an exceptional meeting the Chair of the committee will call for a meeting after deliberating with the committee members and AARINENA President.





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