WUE Network

Water Use Efficiency

Water is a crucial resource for agriculture in the NENA region. It poses a major constraint in the development of agriculture in the region. It is not only the lack of water but also the decline in its quality and inefficient use of water that adversely impacts productivity of the agricultural sector in the region. 

Several national agricultural research institutes within the region and outside researched water use to improve its efficient use.

A network of all these Institutes and researchers will improve sharing and exchange of information, knowledge, skills and technology within the region. With this sharing, the region will benefit more effectively and efficiently through technological interventions in water use for agriculture.

While the Near East covers 14% of the total area of the world and home to 10% of its population, its water resources represent only 2% of the total renewable global water resources. Renewable water resources in m 3 /head/year projected serious water scarcity to actually take place in 2025.

To overcome this situation, a sound technical, policy and institutional approaches to water management would need to be adopted.

A water network may genuinely contribute to achieving this objective by means of shared experiences, exchange and joint implementation of collaborative research projects on integrated water management.

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